The hardware-software complex belongs
to SoftSwitch category of 5th class
Whole salle billing (exchange billing)

Exchange for Lira is based on Lira softswitch It used for wholesale solution. It can be used as just routing platform as well exchange like arbinet.

The Internal part of exchange has menu like follows

Menu of countries and regions allows us to input data for codes of countries and region and subregions.

Here we can modify, export or import codes of regions.

There are introduced several terms agents is a provider that sale or buy traffic. Super Agents it is virtual exchange owner that has own balance and operate with own agents. Any change of balance of its agents cause change on balance super agents. Super agent gets commission from traffic of its agents.

For example

This menu allows to generate bills, controls payments.

Menu Agents allows to create and manipulate of properties of agents. For example

Here it is possible to  modify all billing parameters of agents. Imports or export rates. Creates alerts.

Also allows to create operators of agents which can access external part of exchange.  For example

Also it allows us to enter IP equipment. For example

Here we can modify ip addresses, rules how to connect equipment, protocols, codecs and enter periods of unnaccessibilities. Also it allows to input blocking parameters, fas detect options.

There are market menu in orders section. It allows to monitoring markets, create and modify orders. Also it is possible to create private orders that allows to links some providers with each others.

Here introduced several parameters which allows to control quality of traffic. There are standards parameters asr, acd, qi=asr*acd. Vq is parameter which control how many call durations are greater than 40sec , it can be from 0 up to 1. QA is how many call durations are greater than medium value of durations for region for date week periods (there are 42 week periods and medium calculates statistically). In general we propose to use this parameter as primary. Fi is parameter which notes how many call durations less 20sec. If this parameter grows that indicate possibility FAS. Also there are general parameter for each agents which calculate asr/acd. If it is greater than for example 80 it indicate fas.

There also several options for monitoring traffic each agents for selling or buying. Looking for number for periods. If you change buy order it act immediately in interval 5 minutes. If you change order for selling it has to activate on the next RPG time. Also it can be activate immediately. But there are can be some problem with rate calculation for buying order if new rate for selling is bigger than rate for buying.

IP-PBX is the newest achievement in technology of voice communication providing. It is intended for telephone connection providing for companies of several people to several thousand people.
Call Center
Product ideology Basic difference of CallCenter from IP PBX consists in call routing ideology.
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